Consciousness-Based Education


Consciousness-Based Education

Stunning Achievement by MUM Faculty

New 13 volume series on Consciousness-Based Education

We commonly speak of the branches of knowledge, creating the image of a tree of knowledge. If knowledge is a tree, then what are its roots? How does human knowledge arise? In what is it structured? What is the source of each academic discipline? Is there a fundamental connection among the academic disciplines that might unify them?

The Rik Veda explains that all knowledge is structured in consciousness. The development of an individual’s consciousness through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique expands the individual’s intelligence, creativity and learning ability. Maharishi also gave us a simple but profound understanding of the fundamental principles and dynamics of consciousness. By understanding the basic principles of consciousness, the individual simultaneously understands the basic principles of all disciplines of knowledge and of every area of life.

This is Consciousness-Based Education—the integration of the knowledge and experience of consciousness—and is the unified framework for all knowledge that philosophers and academicians have desired for decades.

This magnificent 13-volume series is the result of a faculty-wide project that began with the founding of Maharishi University of Management in 1971 and continues today. It demonstrates the incredible range and depth of Maharishi’s teachings and how every academic discipline finds its fulfillment in pure consciousness, the underlying source of everything in creation.

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